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Technical data

  • Location: Austria
  • Year of construction: 1981
  • Year of refurbishment: 2020
  • Flow rate: 80,000 l/s
  • Total output: 289 MW
  • Dimension: DN 3500 | DN 1000
  • Pressure rate: PN 25 | PN 25

Scope of delivery: Rehabilitation and repair of penstock protection valves (DN 3500, PN25), annular piston valve (DN 500, PN 25) in the bypass, regulators and shut-off gates; replacement of the two basic drain valves (DN 1000, PN 25), shut-off valve of the dead-end drain (DN 350, PN 25), hydraulic aggregates and piping

Technical data

Before vs. after

In the left picture you can see the old butterfly valve (blue) and in the right picture you can see the renewed and revitalized butterfly valve (green, red).