Shut-Off Devices

Hydrodynamic and emergency shut-off capable


The high-tech solution for hydropower

Shut-off devices make an essential contribution to safe and efficient use of hydropower plants of all types and sizes as they allow the system to be shut off in an emergency. Geppert Hydropower manufactures these devices in the form of ball valves and spherical valves, which are optionally also available with an inspection seal or in stainless steel for drinking water applications.


The art of hydrodynamic engineering

Hydropower plants: for a healthy environment

Hydropower has been harnessed for centuries. Geppert was founded in 1896 with the aim of using hydropower as a future form of energy – and continuous technological progress made the Tirolean company’s vision come true. Today, the high quality developed by Austria’s leading engineers guarantees that Geppert plants are a long-term, future-oriented investment in a healthy environment.


Characteristics of shut-off devices:

  • Hydrodynamic and suitable for emergency shut-off
  • Allow ideal flow coefficients
  • Diameter up to 1.2 m / Pressure class up to PN160
  • Can be used in drinking water applications
  • Allow higher flow velocities