Francis Turbines

Medium-pressure turbine for up to 25 MW


The most versatile water turbines around
The versatile Francis turbine is a medium-pressure turbine. Due to its method of operation, this water turbine is ideally suited for power plants with a low to medium head (5-300 m) and corresponding flow rates. Depending on the height, Geppert offers them in the form of open-flume turbines or spiral turbines with vertical or horizontal shafts. The turbines are manufactured to the highest quality standards at the Geppert plant in Hall, Tirol, from where they are delivered to countries all over the world. The products undergo continuous development through model tests, which ensures the turbines maintain their hydraulic performance.


Hydro energy: customized designs for greater cost efficiency
The spiral turbine is usually designed as a compact turbine with the impeller mounted on the generator shaft, which allows the size of the turbine room to be reduced to a minimum. This 2-bearing arrangement avoids the use of a coupling or other wear parts. In addition to the ecological advantage, this is also an economic plus as it keeps running costs to a minimum. Each Geppert Hydropower plant can be configured to client specifications, fully automated and remotely monitored on request. Each turbine is individually designed and built on the basis of the design data, net head and volumetric flow rate.


Our passion – your benefit
Geppert Hydropower makes a significant contribution to climate protection using the best in engineering skills. Since 1896, the innovative water turbine manufacturer has been committed to developing pioneering power plant solutions for clean energy. An investment in Geppert turbines and small power plants is long-term and future-oriented, guaranteeing a secure yield over many years. After all, they are the result of leading technological quality from Austria.


The top five characteristics of Francis turbines:

  • Versatile for up to 25 MW of electricity
  • Hydropower with a head of 5-300 m
  • Guaranteed hydraulic properties with maximum efficiency
  • Compact turbines with either an open-flume or spiral design
  • Minimal to no wear of wearing parts