Diagonal Turbines

Double-regulated reaction turbine for up to 7 MW


Successful diagonal turbine project

With pride in their domestic turbine construction know-how that enjoys global demand, the fourth generation of the Geppert family is continuing the company’s rich tradition of developing forward-looking energy solutions. Nowhere is this more true than for the innovative diagonal turbine (also called the Dériaz turbine), which is unique in its extremely high efficiency over a wide range of applications. This double-regulated reaction turbine for the medium-pressure range is ideally suited for small power plants with heads of up to 80 m. Most of all, however, it is the turbine’s adjustable rotor and guide vanes that make it so efficient and give it high partial load efficiencies comparable with Kaplan turbines – no wonder it has become one of Geppert’s most successful and biggest selling products since its launch in 1999.


Innovative hydropower – the cost-saving path to clean energy

In the case of seasonal fluctuations in water volumes, using the diagonal turbine means that more cost-intensive options – such as the use of several Francis turbines – can be avoided. A higher standard working capacity can be achieved than with a comparable single-regulated Francis turbine, and the diagonal turbine has the further considerable advantage of being insensitive to cavitation. All water turbines and plants are designed, developed, built and carefully tested at the Geppert plant in Hall, Tirol, using world-leading engineering skills. Our efforts are focused towards protecting our global climate and preserving our environment in all its natural beauty.


Small hydropower from Geppert

It is Geppert’s goal to protect all of us and our environment by using renewable, climate-neutral and emission-free hydropower. Since its founding in 1896, Geppert Hydropower, a family-run company with a rich tradition, has proven that they fully meet this high standard with their outstanding engineering achievements, successful projects and innovations.


Top diagonal turbine facts:

  • Innovative for up to 5 MW of electricity
  • Hydropower for heads of up to 80 m
  • Unique in terms of technology and efficiency
  • Cost-effective – impressive value for money
  • Insensitive to cavitation