Control Systems

Automation and Optimization


Success automated. Remote controlled.
In the context of developing custom hydropower plant solutions, Geppert offers ideal concepts in the field of programmable logic controllers for small and medium-sized power plants. In addition to planning, our wide range of services also includes the installation of low- and medium-voltage distribution systems. We also offer a holistic optimization of existing plants, always at the cutting edge of technology.


Fully automatic for high output
Sophisticated technology, such as automation and remote monitoring, can significantly increase the output of new and existing hydropower plants. For decades, Geppert Hydropower has used programmable logic controllers which reflect the process of continuous improvement. These allow fully automated control of the entire turbine.


Renewable energy – fully automated
Austria is a country rich in water. The energy generated by hydropower has a sustainable effect on the protection of our environment and is therefore of great importance for all of us. As a full-service provider of hydropower plants, Geppert stands for safety and trust. Since its founding, the innovative power plant supplier has been inextricably linked to renewable, clean and emission-free power generation from domestic hydropower. Ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy a corresponding standard of living in an environment worth living in entails the key task of supplying people with this energy of the future, safely and for the long term.


Control systems – significant technological benefits:

  • Remote access and remote maintenance
  • Visualization
  • SMS alerts
  • Speed, level and power control
  • Efficiency optimization for multi-machine operation
  • Optimum impeller/guide wheel interaction