Optimization of Water Turbines & Plants

Making environmental sense

As one of the leading suppliers of hydropower plants for the production of renewable energy we consider it particular important to increase the efficiency of existing plants, and our service and optimization measures make this happen. Revitalizing hydropower plants makes both environmental and economic sense, as it leads to considerable benefits in terms of output. The efficiency of the plant is increased and thus a better standard working capacity is achieved.


Our goal – more renewable energy

Hydropower plants have a life cycle of several decades. If reliable operation of your hydropower project is also close to your heart, we will bring your turbine up to the state of the art in the course of revitalization measures. By optimizing the equipment, we increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your renewable energy project. For more power from existing plants. For the preservation of a healthy world climate.



More efficiency, power and availability

In recent years, Geppert Hydropower has focused on renovating and modernizing existing hydropower plants, particularly in the Alpine region. Turbines and control technology are revitalized as required depending on the condition of your plant: turbine performance, efficiency and reliability are improved, significantly increasing and upgrading your green electricity production.

Revitalization measures for hydropower

  • Use of state-of-the-art hydraulic geometries
  • Installation of various sensors for monitoring and control
  • Recording of operating conditions
  • Automated monitoring
  • Optimized control of the turbine actuators
  • Immediate automatic notification of operational malfunctions