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Powerful turbines for pure hydropower

The Pelton turbine is also known as an impulse turbine. Due to its method of operation, this water turbine is ideally suited for hydropower plants with very high heads (over 30 and up to 1,500 m) and comparatively low water volumes. The turbines are manufactured at the Geppert plant in Hall in Tyrol, using world-leading engineering skills.



  • Powerful for up to 30 MW of electricity
  • Hydropower from very high heads
  • Sophisticated system for optimum efficiency
  • Cleaning even when in operation
  • Suitable for drinking water

The Pelton turbine is designed with internally and externally regulated nozzle assemblies, each consisting of one to six nozzles. Depending on the number of nozzles, single- to three-nozzle machines are built with a horizontal design, while two- to six-nozzle machines are built with a vertical design. Each individual nozzle is regulated separately, which guarantees an optimum efficiency curve.

Geppert offers a special extra feature for turbines with externally regulated nozzles: a scavenging stroke for easy unblocking of obstructions such as accumulated leaves or other foreign matter in the works water – even when the plant is in operation. This means that the machine does not have to be shut down or opened for cleaning.

For drinking water plants, the turbines are also designed to be suitable for drinking water.

For decades Geppert has been pushing the production of Pelton runners from monoblocks. This solution not only offers advantages in terms of dimensional accuracy, but also increased strength values, which have a significant impact on the efficiency and durability of the runner.

Monoblock vs. Pelton runner

In these pictures you can see a before and after comparison of the milling of a Pelton runner. On the left the raw block and on the right the milled runner.