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Cost saving & durable

The cross-flow turbine, also known as flow-through turbine, is especially suitable for small hydropower plants with medium head . Due to its flat efficiency curve, the cross-flow turbine is particularly convincing due to its high annual generation.



  • Versatile for up to 2.5 MW of electricity
  • Hydropower from 100 m head
  • Flat efficiency curve enables high annual generation
  • Cost-saving and durable due to simple design
  • Low maintenance

The cross-flow turbine is very robust and durable due to its relatively simple design. The turbine can achieve the best possible yields especially through its use in running waters. Compared to other turbines, the flat efficiency curve of the cross-flow turbine brings a higher annual yield, since running waters often have a weak water supply over several months. Thus, the fluctuating water volumes can be used in the best possible way.