Erection, Training & Commissioning

Technology in all areas

The simple path to natural electricity

From research, development and planning to production, erection and commissioning, Geppert Hydropower supplies electromechanical equipment for hydropower plants from its headquarters and production facilities in Tirol and is a byword for safety, trust and quality.


Assembled with skill – at the factory and on site

All hydropower plant components are assembled at our production site in Hall, a town in the Tirol region of Austria. Before delivery, the entire scope of supply is subjected to acceptance testing by our own quality inspectors according to the strictest criteria. On request, our clients are invited to the factory acceptance test and can witness for themselves at this early stage the professionalism of Geppert’s engineers.

With enthusiasm and technical know-how, our highly qualified and experienced employees ensure a smooth erection process on site. These experts, in coordination with the other specialists at the construction site, deliver hydropower projects worldwide that meet our clients’ ultra-high standards.



Green electricity for maximum performance

Commissioning small and large hydropower plants is preceded by precise planning. After carrying out multiple “dry runs”, highly qualified control engineers set key parameters before the actual commissioning. Water is then admitted to the system, and after numerous wet tests the plant is synchronized. After recording the results of various acceptance tests and providing comprehensive on-site training for the power plant operators, the plant is handed over to the client ready for operation.

The demand for renewable energy is growing steadily as more and more people recognize that emission-free hydropower generation protects our climate and our planet. Our aim is to supply more and more people with natural electricity – obtained from the pure power of water.


High-tech in every respect

  • Highest quality assurance
  • First-class selection of materials
  • Highly qualified, trained employees
  • Leading engineering expertise