Planning and Documentation

Designed by Austria’s leading engineers

Comprehensive project planning forms the basis for success. True to this principle, highly qualified staff plan, comprehensively test and professionally design every renewable energy project right down to the smallest detail. In extensive discussions with clients, ideas and facts are collected, needs are clarified and plans for implementation are drawn up. The responsible project manager and your contact person prepare a detailed project schedule, which is checked regularly during the implementation phase to ensure that it is up-to-date and adhered to.



Multidimensional advantages

Two and three-dimensional designs ensure the optimization of the equipment in the planning phase. Any two-dimensional sectional planes desired can be created from components represented spatially. This forms the basis for a correct installation plan, whose data, in turn, are the foundation for detailed planning of the power house.



Hydropower – the energy of the future

Comprehensive, complete documentation of the completed hydropower plant is essential for reliable operation and optimum long-term maintenance. And quality from Austria is the basis for today’s successful projects and tomorrow’s energy generation concepts.