Automation & Control Technology

Programmable Logic Controllers

Full automation for profitability
Tomorrow’s technologies – implemented today – make a significant contribution to increasing the profitability of innovative hydropower plants. The output of new and existing small/medium-sized plants can be increased significantly through systematic updating employing state-of-the-art technological advances. For decades, Geppert Hydropower has used continuously improved, programmable logic controllers for automation and remote monitoring. These elements of automation can safeguard and control the entire turbine, even fully automatically if requested by the client.


Leading in the art of engineering. Made in Austria.
Technologies such as remote access and SMS alerts have been standard features of Geppert’s in-house automation for many years and ensure fully automated operation of Geppert’s hydropower plants. In addition, all operational messages are recorded and process sequences are visualized.

Developed by Austria’s leading engineers – for an emission-free world.



High-tech functions at the touch of a button

  • Speed control in isolated operation and automatic synchronization
  • Level control
  • Output control
  • Optimization of efficiency in multi-machine operation
  • Optimum impeller/guide wheel interaction
  • Process visualization and logging
  • Remote maintenance

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to renewable, environmentally friendly energy. With this in mind, we have been conceiving, developing and designing pioneering power plant solutions as an innovative power plant supplier for over 120 years. Outstanding engineers and highly qualified employees are the foundation for Geppert’s success story.